About the Artist


Born and raised in Singapore, Cassandra Goldthwaite moved to the US in 2015, and is currently a resident of North Carolina.

Cassandra is a metalsmith artist who has been designing and creating jewelry since 2008. She uses the otherworldly, the ethereal, and nature’s beauty as inspiration to create her art. Metal is her canvas to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. She loves using her creativity and imagination to create art that evokes deep emotions. 

Cassandra also loves colors, which she expresses through mixing different metals in her work. She has a passionate love for gemstones, and incorporates them regularly in her work. Cassandra hopes the wearer of her jewelry will have a reminder of the extraordinary as they navigate the ordinary of our daily lives.

Cassandra creates her metal art in her home studio in High Point, NC, where she lives with her husband Matt and her ever-growing animal army.