Sodalite Rectangle Intricate Sterling Silver Ring US 7.5 SS-059
Sodalite Rectangle Intricate Sterling Silver Ring US 7.5 SS-059
Sodalite Rectangle Intricate Sterling Silver Ring US 7.5 SS-059
Moonfire Charms

Sodalite Rectangle Intricate Sterling Silver Ring US 7.5 SS-059

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SKU: SS-059
Material: 925 stamped sterling silver
Gemstone(s): Sodalite (N)
Gemstone Dimensions: 11 X 22 X 2 mm
Ring Size: US 7.5
Weight: 5.0 grams

This fancy Sodalite ring features a long rectangular Sodalite cabochon, set in a classic bezel with a large split shank that houses an ornate heart on each side of the ring.  The Sodalite is a rich midnight blue, with just a hint of the lighter blue and white pattern Sodalite is known for. 

Dating back to ancient civilizations, Sodalite has been known as the Stone of Creativity, being linked to the ethereal energy that promotes the highest form of self-expression. Sculptors, painters, and artists were known to carry Sodalite for inspiration. It was believed to be able to encourage inspiration and creativity, while also providing psychic shielding protection from others whom may be intent on stealing those ideas and inspirations.

Sodalite brings inner peace and it told to calm hot tempered folk as well as cooling fevers. Sodalite needs to be used regularly and in abundance for it’s strongest abilities. One should carry or wear Sodalite as well as placing in every room of the home, so that its peaceful properties will flow all around one’s environment on a regular basis.

Sodalite will harmonize one’s inner being and balance the conscious with the subconscious mind. It is said to be most helpful for work in groups as it stimulates creative thought which leads to productive brainstorming and problem solving. 

Sodalite is a stone of truth, bringing truth to communication, and allows one to communicate their own truth effectively to the world. It is also a wonderful stone to combat breeches in communication. It will aid in ending disagreements and arguments, especially when those divergences are due to miscommunications, or when communication becomes an issue between people.

Ring resizing is available only in a maximum of two sizes up or down the current ring size. A bigger difference would compromise the integrity of the ring. Half sizes are available. Resizing fees are $25 for sizing down, and $40 for sizing up. Please contact us if you would like a ring resized. 

Your Moonfire Charms sterling silver piece will arrive packaged in a gift box, ready as a gift to yourself, or for that special someone! Sterling orders will ship with a signature confirmation to ensure the package reaches you safely.

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