Seraphinite Oval Scrollwork Sterling Silver Ring US 7 SS-045
Seraphinite Oval Scrollwork Sterling Silver Ring US 7 SS-045
Seraphinite Oval Scrollwork Sterling Silver Ring US 7 SS-045
Moonfire Charms

Seraphinite Oval Scrollwork Sterling Silver Ring US 7 SS-045

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SKU: SS-045
Material: 925 stamped sterling silver
Gemstone(s): Seraphinite N)
Gemstone Dimensions: 10 X 14 X 3 mm
Ring Size: US 7
Weight: 4.3 grams

This intricate Seraphinite cabochon ring features an oval Seraphinite with a scrollwork motif on its sides and a split shank band. The Seraphinite is a beautiful forest green, with silvery feather markings throughout the stone that resemble angel wings, hence its name!

Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment. Due to its feathery appearance as well as its link to the Air and Earth elements, Seraphinite is often referred to as an ‘angel stone’. The energy and vibration of this stone is said to bring an influx of light into one’s cells, assisting to facilitate contact as well as communication with one’s guardian angel, the Seraphim angel realm as well as nature spirits.

As one allows this joyful light energy to flow throughout the body and auric field, one may for a time feel as if they are infused with the resonant energy; it is the dimension of this residual energy which allows all the chakras to become unblocked, cleansed and opened, thus often allowing the Kundalini energy to rise as well.

This energy aids in emotional healing, allowing one to release old issues and patterns that are no longer necessary in one’s life, as well as offering one a more open soul and clearer understanding as to accept enlightenment. In turn this enhances one’s emotional behavior towards all others in a more harmonious, peaceful and balanced manner. As an aid in resolving conflicts, promoting constructive compromise and reconciliation, Seraphinite causes old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, thus creating space for new patterns of well-being to form. It lends power to social skills as well as easily inspiring superior, more valuable relationships.

Seraphinite encourages a deeper appreciation of all things that grow, whether that be emotionally, physically or spiritually. Supporting and fostering a sense of order in life, the universe and even in chaos; bringing a refinement of tenderness and care to all; offering the true understanding that one is never truly helpless or hopeless in the creation or correction of any portion of one’s personal journey.

Ring resizing is available only in a maximum of two sizes up or down the current ring size. A bigger difference would compromise the integrity of the ring. Half sizes are available. Resizing fees are $25 for sizing down, and $40 for sizing up. Please contact us if you would like a ring resized. 

Each one-of-a-kind Moonfire Charms sterling ring comes packaged in a gift box, ready as a gift to yourself or for that special someone. Sterling orders will ship with a signature confirmation to ensure the package reaches you safely.

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