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Amethyst Triangular Dreamcatcher Golden Grass Earrings GG-007

Amethyst Triangular Dreamcatcher Golden Grass Earrings GG-007

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SKU: GG-007
Material: Natural Golden Grass and 18K gold-plated findings
Gemstone(s): Two round Amethyst beads (N)
Dimensions: 22 x 58 mm

These adorable earrings feature a triangular dreamcatcher motif, painstakingly woven from Golden Grass. A round Amethyst bead is attached above each earring, and the earrings are finished with gold-plated ear studs. Findings are 18K gold-plated. 

Golden Grass is a Brazilian golden plant with a long, gilded gold stem that is only found in the region of Jalapão. Its main characteristic is its natural gold color and intense metallic shine. Its common name is "Capim Dourado", which literally means "golden grass". Golden Grass is rare, light, durable and naturally golden with no use of dyes. The Golden Grass is harvested, hand woven and transformed into these beautiful, intricate designs.

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